Day 316- Grace Hartigan- Painting Poems

It’s Day 316 and I struggled today with art in general.  I started to panic a little yesterday about including … More

Day 306- Vivian Springford- Beautiful Stains

It’s Day 306 and I really wanted to do a color field artist today so I stumbled upon today’s artist … More

Day 296- Conrad Marca-Relli- Broken Surfaces

It’s Day 296 and I really enjoyed today’s tribute piece.  I am still happy from my improv show last night … More

Day 292- Philip Guston- We Work Until We Vanish

It’s Day 292 and I had a great time with today’s piece.  Join me in honoring Philip Guston today! Philip … More

Day 291- Esteban Vicente- Concrete Improvisations

It’s Day 291 and I’m full of inspiration today.  I want to play music, edit videos and more.  But first … More

Day 144- Pat Lipsky- Mouth-Watering Colors

It’s Day 144 and I’m excited because I drove the car around tonight when Matt came home.  We went out … More

Day 141- Kenzo Okada- Natural Forms

It’s Day 141.  It’s beautiful out and I had a nice walk with the dogs.  I had an emotional therapy … More

Day 132- Ward Jackson- Black & White Diamonds

It’s Day 132 and I’m sleepy from the hot day!  Other than working on my painting today, I’m going to … More

Day 112- Jo Baer- Radical Figuration

It’s Day 112 and I’m exhausted from painting a stairwell in my house.  I’ve got some other errands and want … More