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I’m Linda P. Cleary, artist, designer, monster maker, crafter, puppeteer, musician, improvisor, writer, mama (doggie and human) and sandwich lover.

This is where I sell my original art pieces from my current works to my Day of the Artist pieces.

 The Day of the Artist is a project I started on January 1, 2014. Initially I was going to do an original painting every day for a year. Then I decided to make it a little more specific. What if I paid tribute to a new artist everyday by doing a painting in the style of their work? I knew it was going to be educating, challenging and fun. I never expected it to be such an intense psychological experience.

I only had one day to research and finish each painting. Some turned out wonderful and some I wasn’t so happy with. Some pieces took 5 minutes and were a breeze to complete and some had me grinding my teeth for most of the day. This project taught me on a daily basis about new techniques and materials. It also taught me about embracing failure and moving on. This journey made such an impact on my life and I am so happy to share it with you!

You can buy a painting from my project here in the shop section and feel free to explore my blog to learn more about each painting and artist.  I also post my current works and processes as well.

I now use this site to showcase my current art which has evolved immensely after that project. You can purchase new pieces and also the pieces from my Day of the Artist project in the shop tab above and in the menu.

I’m hoping to do more art based challenges in the future when I’m not chasing a crazy toddler around!

I also have a business where I make furry monsters! Ghoulie Girls

Here’s an interview with me! You Are Entitled To My Opinion: Interview with Linda Cleary

Thanks for visiting! I hope you return and feel free to say hi.




      1. Remember wondering if you could do this? You are amazing! I love witnessing your journey. What an incredible experience – I can’t wait to see your gallery (when it opens)!

        I came to check out day 218, since Farrah and I both became so enthralled with Alexa Meade’s work – and I think that is the day she recommended (ha!), but alas… you opted for Niki De Saint Phalle- Nanas. Another great artist! And another opportunity for me to learn something new.

        Thanks for being a great model – your perseverance is refreshing in a world of “we want it now”.

      2. Just wrote the longest comment ever – and it vanished!! I wanted you to know that I came to check out your awesome collection, and to say how inspiring I think you are. In a world of “we want it now” – your stick-to-itiveness is refreshing and beautiful. I wanted to see if Farrah’s wish of Day 218 came into fruition, after we were exposed to the Alexa Meade’s human paintings. Instead I was introduced to Niki De Saint Phalle- Nanas – another learning opportunity.

        I can’t wait to see your gallery (when it opens)! You currently are harboring a beautifully hidden treasure. You must be extremely proud of yourself. I know I am!

  1. Very enjoyable blog. Meeting artists that I already love, and meeting many that I do not know. Great variety, with regard to technique, media and subject matter., as well as the brief biogs that you provide. I have to go off on an extended Google sometimes because I want more!. Very interested in your approaches to the respective artists’ techniques. I tried to copy a Joan Mitchel painting once, it was disastrous. Much too ambitious for my understanding (or lack of it) and my existing skills base; all things that are in flux. The exercise did make me realize, even more than I already did, what an accomplished painter she was. Your project is a great way to learn, thanks for posting it.

    1. Thanks for your comment! This project has been quite the adventure. Fun and sometimes very stressful. It’s definitely humbling and educating as well. It’s like an accelerated art/art history course as well as a lesson in motivation and patience. A psychological test. 🙂 hopefully I can continue to fail graciously when I don’t feel that I succeeded. 😉
      Thanks again and keep visiting!

  2. Great idea, Linda!
    A pitty the shipping will cost more than your paintings 😦

    Good luck with the rest of the project- still “some” days left!

    Regards from Berlin


      1. I found doing other research on Google, your magazine “Day of the Artist” and I am very honored that you spent the 165 to my graphic and pictorial approach. Please be assured of my gratitude for the tribute you have made ​​and to my work. If you will send me to my email address (gerard.sendrey @ gmail.com) your personal address, I’d be delighted to send you an original drawing in the mind of the one you illustrated, for which For me, your very original and exciting initiative. I have great pleasure to offer you this small present as a token of my gratitude for the interest you have given to my adventure in this area.

        I would like to communicate by email this number 165 around me and some of my knowledge, if you do not see any problem with. I would appreciate if you give me permission.

        Let me send you the expression of my best feelings respectfully,

        And a thousand times thank you …

        Gérard Sendrey

      2. Mr. Sendrey,
        It was an honor to pay tribute to your wonderful art! I will email you my address. I am so excited and honored that you want to send me an original drawing. I cannot wait to hang it in my home. I give you permission to use this site/blog for anything you need. Thanks so much again and it was wonderful to honor you.

        Linda Cleary

  3. What do you have planned for the culmination — the grand finale? Have you already began selling pieces or will you wait until after making a wonderful COFFEE TABLE book and submitting it for your doctoral? Only a few DAYS left! Which gallery will this be exhibited at? Have any universities booked you for your grand guest speaking tour?

    1. That all sounds wonderful! Im trying to find a space to exhibit and have a show/party. Many pieces are already reserved and I’ll probably open an online shop for the remaining pieces after the show. 🙂

      1. I think I bought some artwork from you in tidal costume party I think was a Neal Camlin hotel in Seattle are you the right artist

  4. On the site “medium.com” your tribute to Hannelore Baron is attributed to Hannnelore Baron. This needs to be corrected and the work clearly identified as by Linda Cleary. This misattribution is very disturbing to H.Baron’s family, friends, collectors, and to the gallery representing her work.
    Mark Baron
    son of Hannelore Baron
    executor of the estate of Hannelore Baron

    1. I didn’t even know that anything of mine was on medium.com! I apologize for this because anyone I paid tribute to on my site was for my own purposes and only done out of respect. Would you happen to have the link? I will contact them because I never gave permission for anyone to use anything from my site. I apologize again and again…every artist I paid tribute to was done because I respected their work and I wanted to do something honoring them.

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