Day 111- Frank Stella- What You See is What You See

It’s Day 111 and I’m busy with chores, errands and prepping (and possibly) painting my stairwell that heads downstairs.  It’s … More

Day 107- Ronnie Landfield- Romantic Abstractions

It’s Day 107 and it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood. 🙂  Especially this afternoon because I can actually close … More

Day Ninety-Five- Mark Rothko- Anecdote of the Spirit

It’s Day 95 and I finally decided to do a Mark Rothko today.  Had a great improv show in the … More

March Day of the Artist Wrap-Up!

I forgot to post this yesterday so I thought I’d do it today!  Here’s all the March artists and tributes. … More

Day Seventy-Six- Anne Ryan- Discrete Images

It’s Day 76 and progress on the roof is going well.  Still a couple more days (or this week) until … More