The Best Gifts!

A book from Gerard
A book from Gerard

Throughout this past year as I paid humble tribute to many great artists, a few of them have reached out to me and sent me original pieces of their beautiful artwork.

Gerard Sendrey not only gifted me with his art, but we also became friends and he has written an article about me in Creation Franche’s Publication which is due to come out in a few days.  You can visit the website here.

My tribute on top…then three Gerard sent me.

You can watch a documentary on Gerard here (it comes in two parts) and please visit my blog page here if you haven’t already.  He’s such a wonderful artist and man.

I’ve also received original work from Pierre Silvin, who happens to be Gerard’s son!  His artwork is so special and so hard to mimic since I wasn’t sure of the materials, but even when I received the actual art in the mail, I couldn’t quite figure it out.  His pieces have a kind of luminescence and beauty that can’t be emulated.  Please visit my blog on him here if you haven’t seen his work!  It’s lovely.

Pierre Silvin Original with a nice note
Pierre Silvin Original with a nice note

Today I received 7 pieces and a nice note from Sophie Orlicki who I also paid tribute to!  I squealed when I saw the package because I had a feeling it was going to be artwork.  Her pieces are so beautiful in person and I cannot wait to get them framed like I did with Gerard and Pierre’s work.  Please visit my blog page for her here.

I never expected to receive such thoughtful and wonderful gifts let alone the artist themselves contacting me.  I am honored to have paid them tribute and honored that they reached out to give their

Today's gift from Sophie Orlicki.  So beautiful in person.
Today’s gift from Sophie Orlicki. So beautiful in person.

appreciation and thanks.  It makes me feel very special and makes me understand why I did this project in the first place.  I hope I inspired you all and I want to thank you again for your support!

This is only the beginning!  I am in the process of organizing all my pieces.  Readying everything to take quality photos for the book I’m designing that’ll hopefully be on sale on amazon.  And most of all figuring out the logistics of having an art show with all 365 pieces before sending them out to all that have reserved a piece.  These artists will be getting some Linda Patricia Cleary artwork in the mail soon!

Gerard's work framed and in my house!
Gerard’s work framed and in my house!

Whatever has not been reserved, gets sold at the show etc. will be available online after the show is over.  BUT, if you’d like to reserve one in advance, please message me or “like” me on Facebook, find the painting you want and put your name in the comments to reserve it.  That’s where I am keeping track of everything.  Here’s the Facebook page for Day of the Artist.



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