Obsessed with alcohol inks!

So I’ve only started 3 experimental alcohol ink paintings on yupo paper and I’m already obsessed. So much fun! Once I get an idea on how to manipulate the inks a little better it’d be interesting to try and do some more intentional pieces as opposed to abstract. I’ll also be doing white and black ink details and mark making onto these as well. One photo below shows some white gel ink and paint marker. I’m hoping to get a bunch of these done and up for sale in my shop soon!

I’d love to delve into another crazy art challenge sometime soon! Maybe a mark making one would be manageable while chasing around a two year old! But for now it’s the occasional painting and also back to working on my books! Whew…

Painting again!

I am starting a new abstract series of paintings that I’m super excited about. Going to incorporate different styles of abstract art with detailed pen and ink mark making! I’m also experimenting with alcohol inks and will be doing those on yupo paper and possibly selling those in my shopify shop. Pretty happy to have the energy to be creative again. Can’t wait to start writing as well. Having a two year old is draining my life essence, but there’s still enough left to create! Haha. These aren’t complete but works in progress. First one is the alcohol inks…

New Red Bubble Store and book on Amazon!

I have opened a Red Bubble shop with my artwork on it! I will be putting some Day of the Artist works in the shop as well. Get my paintings on really neat products like iPhone cases and throw pillows…even dresses!

Linda Cleary Red Bubble Shop

My book is now only available on amazon. Here is that link:

Day of the Artist

Thanks so much for all your support!  I’m hoping now that baby is older I’m able to get back to painting and art and everything!

xoxo, Linda

All the links you’ll ever need!

Some folks are still contacting me about where to see/buy paintings etc. Here’s all the links you’ll ever need about this project!

Day of the Artist Blog: http://www.dayoftheartist.com

Thanks to everyone who’ve already purchased pieces!  And for all your support!



Happy Happy Joy Joy!


Hello all!

It has been a joy to prepare all these paintings to send out to their new homes!

I can’t believe how happy people are when they receive them in the mail.

Paintings received!

Paintings received!

I’m also excited to meet up with my local pals and hand deliver goodies to them as well.

This project made such an impact in my life in so many ways and sharing all the work

with you and hearing such positive feedback is just the cherry on top!

11924549_10153940060737923_546899143742135043_nI’m super excited to start another crazy project like this (besides having a baby, which is

it’s own crazy creative project!) in the future.  I am humbled and honored11921634_10153945953417923_7124262102238535485_n to have such

support!  Please visit my SHOP to purchase a piece (there are plenty left!).  Currently,

I only have up to April artwork up and for sale.  It should take me another week to post

up all my pieces.  Also, “like” my Facebook page because it sure likes you!



My new Facebook shop!

You can now purchase some of my paintings from this project on my Day of the Artist Facebook page.

How exciting!

There’s quite a bit of items to put up so it’s slowly progressing.  At this moment, I’m working on February’s

paintings, but all of the available paintings for January are already up and for sale.

Just a note that I’ve never used this kind of shop before so hopefully the shipping and orders go smoothly.

I guarantee that I will correct any order mishaps if they happen.

Thanks everyone for your constant support.  The direct link to the shop is below.

Day of the Artist SHOP



My book arrived!

Front cover

Front cover

And it’s pretty awesome!

You can buy them here! I get a profit from it so thanks in advance!

They are $40.99 US dollars. 37.41 in € euros!

Day of the Artist soft cover book & blurb.com

As my friend says, I just gave birth to a baby…then my actual human baby in October!

Now if only I can find a venue for my art show.  I am really wanting to

The paper is glossy and much nicer than I thought it would be!

The paper is glossy and much nicer than I thought it would be!

sell a majority of the actual art and of course send out the already reserved pieces!

If you haven’t liked this project on Facebook already please do.  I often update that page more than this blog these days.

Day of the Artist Facebook page

Thanks for all your support everyone!



A little frazzled with designing my book…

Since I’ve finished my project I haven’t been posting in this blog.

Getting ready for baby!

Getting ready for baby!

Big news…I’m pregnant!  23 weeks pregnant starting today.  I haven’t been painting, but I have been trying to plan my art show and finish designing my Day of the Artist book.  I’ve already designed a first copy which was VERY frustrating because I chose the wrong format and it ended up being a ridiculous amount of money to print.  To top that all off, you can’t just change the format with the same outline/design.  I had to start ALL over again!  Aaaaaargh.  So on top

Freaking out just a little today about having to give birth at some point!

Freaking out just a little today about having to give birth at some point!

of being pregnant and bloated, I have to redesign the exact same book I’ve already designed.  Hopefully it’ll be finished by the time I have the art show AND before the baby pops out…which I’m also freaking out about.  I’m hoping it’ll be done soon and I can start selling the book online.  I’m super excited about it!

I think I want to do a 30 day challenge or something to take my mind off of baby stuff for a small portion of the day!  And to just get back to painting & creating!  We’ll see!

Back to square one! Ugh.

Back to square one! Ugh.

Wish me luck with the book and I hope that when it’s done you guys who’ve supported me throughout that insane venture continue your support!



The front cover...if everything goes well!

The front cover…if everything goes well!