Working on a series…Mindflow?


I have been awful about keeping up with my blog, BUT I have been doing art, which is the important thing…right?

Phase 1 & 2 of these pieces

I’ve really been enjoying working on my new series.  Still thinking of a name for the series, but I’m leaning toward “Mindflow” since it’s all about flow and everything that you see is not planned, but a stream of consciousness that is flowing from my brain in that moment.

There’s an element of chaos that happens while creating these pieces and I’ve learned how to be okay with that chaos.  Be okay with not being okay!


There are ones I did on white canvas and ones I did on black canvas and both are very different, but similar enough.  This is the first series of paintings I’m doing after my Day of the Artist project that I truly feel connected to.  I was enjoying doing some random abstract pieces that were


inspired by artists I paid tribute to during my project, but I didn’t feel like it was “my” art.  These pieces I’m working on now have multiple elements that I’m excited about and I tweaked things here and there and finally feel like it’s “me”.


I may also include my alcohol ink pieces if I do a show because that’s how this series even started.  A friend asked if I could do a huge alcohol ink piece and I couldn’t at the time (I’ve found out since that they sell huge rolls of Yupo paper which I will probably be investing in) so I found a way to do something large that mimicked the style of those pieces.  Turns out I liked it even better than the alcohol ink pieces and it was more my style

I’m including pictures of some recent pieces

Mini painting necklaces!

and other things relating to my series, including mini-painting necklaces I made!

Stay tuned for more news on this series.  When I’m done I’ll be visiting some galleries to see if I can have a show!  Hopefully, someone will say yes and appreciate it as
much as I have. ❤



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