A Wonderful Gift from Gerard Sendrey!


One of the artists that I paid tribute to, Gerard Sendrey found my blog and the painting I created in honor of him and decided to contact me.  It completely made my day.  We’ve been corresponding ever since and today I received three of his original drawings and they are so wonderful.  I can’t wait to frame them and put them up!  Here’s the link to my blog entry about him.

Gerard Sendrey- Day 165

And below is his wonderful gift to me.  The painting on top is my tribute if you remember.  I will be

A wonderful gift!  Thank you Gerard!
A wonderful gift! Thank you Gerard!

painting a piece for him and sending it out soon.  These are the times where I think the internet is such an amazing tool.  I hope that your day has been as wonderful as mine.  My daily painting will be coming later today. 🙂  Best, Linda



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