So this art project got me thinking about my own art history. I have always been an artist.  I prayed for Santa to bring me that huge revolving Crayola crayon holder so that I could organize my endless assortment of crayons and memorize every name color. He granted my wish.


I also got in trouble for microwaving all my crayon shavings so that I could create the biggest rainbow crayon in existence…along with a few Barbie doll heads!


I annoyed my sister with huge paper mâché twins Don and Ron by putting them on her bed at night…maybe she doesn’t remember.  My dad and I thought it was hilarious!

Today, I randomly recalled a Thanksgiving drawing that my third grade art teacher submitted to Sun magazine back when I was 7! I described it to the most amazing art teacher in the world Mr. O and he found it and scanned it for me! Amazing! Thank you for sharing  and bringing my own memory into reality for me, it means so much!


Art memories…back from the corner of my mind!



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