Day 208- Samantha Thomas- Optic Textures

It’s Day 208 and my hubby and I spent ALL day yesterday beautifying my art space.  We painted the walls … More

Day 200- Jane Frank- “Inscapes”

It’s Day 200!  Only 165 days to go!  I can’t believe I’ve done this without a hitch for this long. … More

Day 189- Matt Sesow- Resetting Expectations

It’s Day 189!  While researching experimental artists I happened upon a website for disabled artists and found Matt Sesow.  I … More

Day One-Hundred and One- Wayne Thiebaud- Staring at Objects

It’s Day 101!  Only 264 paintings to go.  Whew.  I am finding that I’m more inspired with experimenting with bigger … More

Day Ninety-Nine- Max Bill- Smart Art

Day 99!  Having a busy day so I don’t have much time to post my blog…join me in celebrating Max … More