Day 227- Edward Dugmore- Being Free

It’s Day 227 and it’s a busy day…need to do some feedback for my writing group and then I’m heading … More

Day 219- Atsuko Tanaka- Electric Art

It’s Day 219 and today’s painting was fun.  I loved the concept of this artist’s paintings. 🙂  I also spent … More

Day 215- Yasuo Sumi- Complete Spiritual Freedom

It’s Day 215 and I had fun painting today’s tribute.  It’s another Gutai Group artist…which I have kind of gotten … More

Day 213- Shozo Shimamoto- Beauty Through Damage

It’s Day 213 and I had a ton of fun doing today’s piece.  Join me in honoring Shozo Shimamoto today. … More

Day 212- Richard Serra- Reoccurring Dreams

It’s Day 212 and today’s artist was mainly a sculptor I believe…but I saw that he also did paintings and … More

Day 202- Wallace Whitney- Witness to Gesture

It’s Day 202 and I just had a lovely lunch with my good friend Julianne, who’s an art teacher!  Then … More

Day 201- Otto Zitko- Read Between the Lines

It’s Day 201 and today’s painting was fun!  I also vacuumed the entire house because Taco is shedding like a … More

Day 185- Aelita Andre- Prodigy of Color

It’s Day 185 and I have guests in town so I’ve been busy, but I painted a little ahead.  I’m … More

Day 181- Thornton Willis- Self-Analysis

It’s Day 181 and it’s another hot summer day!  About to head out to eat lunch with a friend and … More

Day 178- Gerhard Richter- “Art is the highest form of hope”

It’s Day 178 and I woke up early to do my painting and get things done before heading out tonight. … More