Day 215- Yasuo Sumi- Complete Spiritual Freedom

It’s Day 215 and I had fun painting today’s tribute.  It’s another Gutai Group artist…which I have kind of gotten … More

Day 213- Shozo Shimamoto- Beauty Through Damage

It’s Day 213 and I had a ton of fun doing today’s piece.  Join me in honoring Shozo Shimamoto today. … More

Day 205- Huguette Arthur Bertrand- Dazzling

It’s Day 205 and I really love today’s artists artwork.  I’m so exhausted from singing for three hours last night … More

Day 172- Gérard Ernest Schneider- An Orchestra

It’s Day 172 and I did my painting early this morning so that I could hang out with my friend … More

Day 168- Jean Le Moal- Strokes of Color

It’s Day 168 and I had a busy busy day.  Got my license and traded in our car for a … More

Day 167- Serge Poliakoff- The Dream of Shapes

It’s Day 167 and I did my painting early this morning because I met my friend for shopping and a … More

Day 150- Georges Mathieu- Screaming Your Soul

It’s Day 150 and I have my last improv show tonight for a while.  They don’t have the performance class … More

Day 142- Bram Van Velde- Art Giving Back

It’s Day 142!  I’m having one of those days where I almost hate painting.  I know that it’s going to … More