Day 285- Milton Resnick- Resolution of Opposites

It’s Day 285 and the heat wave is back.  Today’s piece was a contrast to yesterday’s painting.  Please join me … More

Day 228- Ernest Briggs- Radical West Coast Style

It’s Day 228 and I have had weird gas or heartburn or something all day.  It’s very distracting…hopefully taking some … More

Day 196- Syd Solomon- Larger than Life

It’s Day 196 and tomorrow Mark leaves and I am sad to have no house guests to run around town … More

Day 144- Pat Lipsky- Mouth-Watering Colors

It’s Day 144 and I’m excited because I drove the car around tonight when Matt came home.  We went out … More

Day 113- Carl Holty- Color, Shapes and Forms

It’s Day 113 and I was going to paint the ceiling of my art studio/laundry room, but I’m sore from … More