Day 292- Philip Guston- We Work Until We Vanish

It’s Day 292 and I had a great time with today’s piece.  Join me in honoring Philip Guston today! Philip … More

Day 260- A.R. Penck (Ralf Winkler)- Totemic Forms

It’s Day 260 and I seem to have some sort of mild eye infection or an allergic reaction happening in … More

Day 245- Georg Baselitz- Upside-Down

It’s Day 245 and I found today’s artist a while back and found his paintings very intriguing!  I had a … More

Day 217- Enzo Cucchi- Transavanguardia

It’s Day 217.  Day two of the construction of my side porch and gate.  I also decided to paint the … More

Day 183- Olivier Mosset- Radical Root of Painting

It’s Day 183 and the next week or two is going to be really hectic for me.  Starting class and … More

Day Thirty-Two- Jean Michel Basquiat- “I am not a black artist. I am an artist.”

Today was the complete opposite than yesterday!  It’s the first painting of February and the first day of Horse year. … More