Day 240- Alexander Liberman- Screams

It’s Day 240 and I wanted to try my hand at doing something geometric.  I think these pieces are probably … More

Day 224- Thornton Dial- The Hard Truth

It’s Day 224 and today’s piece is an example of an artwork that I would’ve never done if I wasn’t … More

Day 189- Matt Sesow- Resetting Expectations

It’s Day 189!  While researching experimental artists I happened upon a website for disabled artists and found Matt Sesow.  I … More

Day 144- Pat Lipsky- Mouth-Watering Colors

It’s Day 144 and I’m excited because I drove the car around tonight when Matt came home.  We went out … More

Day 128- Patrick Heron- The Colour of Colour

It’s Day 128 and I’m having a very emotional, busy, crazy day…in my head mostly.  I need to get feedback … More

Day 108- Barbara Kruger- Who We Are and Aren’t

It’s Day 108 and it’s the first day without having people outside painting my house.  I was able to sleep … More