Day 344- Banksy- The Banksy Effect

It’s Day 344 and I’m thrilled to do a tribute to today’s artist.  Please join me in honoring Banksy today! Banksy is … More

Day 329- Doze Green- Infinite Perspectives

It’s Day 329 and I had a fun time with today’s piece.  Please join me in honoring Doze Green today. … More

Day 326- KAWS- Infusion

It’s Day 326 and I’m pooped…had a show last night and then heading out to rehearsal in a little while. … More

Day 323- Barry McGee- Outside the Art World

It’s Day 323 and I worked on today’s piece a bit last night and this morning.  I spent most of … More

Day 253- Hense (Alex Brewer)- Colorful Murals

It’s Day 253!  I had a really fun time painting today’s piece.  I love today’s artist and please take note … More

Day 139- Shepard Fairey- OBEY

It’s Day 139 and I was very excited (and also intimidated) to do today’s tribute piece.  I pulled my back … More

Day Thirty-Two- Jean Michel Basquiat- “I am not a black artist. I am an artist.”

Today was the complete opposite than yesterday!  It’s the first painting of February and the first day of Horse year. … More