Day 314- Ernst Ludwig Kirchner- Allegories

It’s Day 314 and today’s piece is a little sunnier than yesterday’s but just as fun to create!  I love … More

Day 303- Robert Indermaur- The Theater of Man

It’s Day 303 and I’m feeling slightly under the weather…hopefully it’s just allergies and not a cold or flu…I have … More

Day 290- Kathe Kollwitz- Let Not Another Man Fall

It’s Day 290 and my friend Paul asked me if I had paid tribute to today’s artist and I hadn’t … More

Day 281- Otto Piene- Pure Energy

It’s Day 281 and I felt like playing with fire today!  This artist also made me want to play with … More

Day 263- Rupprecht Geiger- Red is Life

It is Day 263 and I’m getting my blog done a little later than usual!  I had a busy day … More

Day 260- A.R. Penck (Ralf Winkler)- Totemic Forms

It’s Day 260 and I seem to have some sort of mild eye infection or an allergic reaction happening in … More

Day 178- Gerhard Richter- “Art is the highest form of hope”

It’s Day 178 and I woke up early to do my painting and get things done before heading out tonight. … More

Day 174- Ernst Wilhelm Nay- Rhythmic Images

It’s Day 174 and I’m exhausted from cleaning the entire house and reorganizing my garden to another part of my … More

Day 173- Willi Baumeister- Foundations of Art

It’s Day 173 and it’s a beautiful summer day out!  We did have a little ant party going on in … More