Day 224- Thornton Dial- The Hard Truth

It’s Day 224 and today’s piece is an example of an artwork that I would’ve never done if I wasn’t … More

Day 199- Honoring the MFPA (Day 2 of 2)

It’s Day 199 and it’s Day 2 of 2 in honoring the artists of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists … More

Day 189- Matt Sesow- Resetting Expectations

It’s Day 189!  While researching experimental artists I happened upon a website for disabled artists and found Matt Sesow.  I … More

Day 165- Gerard Sendrey- Visages

It’s Day 165 and I decided to do an outsider artist today.  I found today’s artist and loved his work. … More

Day 151- Eva Hesse- Life and Art Together

It’s Day 151 and today’s artist was mainly known for her sculptures, but I really enjoy her paintings as well! … More

Day 143- Irving Kriesberg- Animal and Human Forms

It’s Day 143 and I’m feeling a little under the weather.  Very sore and fatigued.  My sinuses feel dry and … More

Day 129- Aurie Ramirez- KISS the Dandies

It’s Day 129 and I am excited to do today’s painting and you’ll see why very shortly!  I’m also very … More

Day 125- José Guadalupe Posada- Viva Mexico!

It’s Day 125 and Cinco de Mayo!  I of course thought to do a Mexican artist in advance today…well, I … More

Day 122- Gaston Chaissac- Modern Rustic

It’s Day 122 and now that I’m finished with my painting, I’m inspired to get into writing my new book … More