Day 225- Mimmo Paladino- Beyond Avant-Garde

It’s Day 225 and I’ve been wanting to paint a colorful piece today.  I’m also kind of pooped because of … More

Day 223- Frida Kahlo- Painting her own Reality

It’s Day 223 and I actually prepared last night for today’s piece.  I haven’t done that for a while because … More

Day 222- Francesco Clemente- Many Faces

It’s Day 222 and I loved painting today’s piece.  I was a little intimidated at first because I wasn’t exactly … More

Day 197- Kishi Ganku- Melding of Styles

It’s Day 197 and I have to rush out and have dinner, go to class and say bye bye to … More

Day 180- Robert De Niro Sr.- Reality and Abstraction

It’s Day 180 and I had fun painting today’s piece.  It was neat honoring Robert De Niro’s father who I … More

Day 160- Giorgio Morandi- Natura Morta

It’s Day 160 and I think this may be the first “still life” painting I’ve done so far.  I think … More

Day 115- Fernand Léger- Objects as Main Characters

It’s Day 115 and I am very excited to be painting today.  My daily painting that is and not really … More