Day 298- Pedro Calapez- Extending Past the Edges

It’s Day 298 and I’m having a big painting day.  I’m trying to get a little ahead and plan a … More

Day 289- Andy Warhol- I Want To Be Plastic

It’s Day 289 and I have been putting off today’s artist for a while because of various reasons.  I wasn’t … More

Day 287- Henri Matisse- “Creativity Takes Courage”

It’s Day 287 and I cannot believe that I haven’t done today’s artist yet.  I could’ve sworn I had done … More

Day 284- Vincent van Gogh- Painting his Dreams

It’s Day 284 and I finally am paying tribute to Van Gogh!  It was a very challenging piece to create … More

Day 279- Italo Valenti- Narrative Dimensions

It’s Day 279 and I’m running around getting things done before going out and having dinner with my in-laws that … More

Day 276- Romero Britto- Sharing His Art and Love

It’s Day 276 and it’s another scorcher out there!  I’m surprised I didn’t pass out while I was painting this … More

Day 273- Corneille- Heaven on Earth

It’s Day 273 and I’m rushing around a bit today before I head out to some appointments.  Had tons of … More

Day 266- Thomas Downing- Spots

It’s Day 266 and I’m having a pretty busy week.  I almost forgot to post this blog today!  My mind … More

Day 249- David Park- Figuratively Painting

It’s Day 249 and I really wanted to paint some figurative stuff today.  I found this painter a while back … More