Day 241- Carl Ostendarp- AAARRRGH

It’s Day 241 and I found today’s artist whilst traveling through a google/youtube wormhole last night!  I fell in love … More

Day 236- Claude Monet- Never Finished

It’s Day 236 and I had a nice relaxing day.  Spent quite a bit of time on my tribute today … More

Day 225- Mimmo Paladino- Beyond Avant-Garde

It’s Day 225 and I’ve been wanting to paint a colorful piece today.  I’m also kind of pooped because of … More

Day 207- Leon Berkowitz- Depth of Vision

It’s Day 207 and the dogs woke me up early…so I decided to get my painting done so that I … More

Day Thirty-Four- Alexander Calder- Composing Motions

It’s DAY 34!  Today was another pleasant painting day…thank goodness.  I’m not looking forward to painting during my big move, but … More

Day Twenty-Three- Pacita Abad- Woman of Color

Today is Day Twenty-Three and I have to admit…my right eye has begun to twitch.  I haven’t had a facial … More