Day 363- Aubrey Beardsley- The Beautifully Grotesque

It’s Day 363 and after today I only have 2 more left!  I can hardly believe it.  I’m sad and … More

Day 335- David Shrigley- Nervous Introspections

It’s Day 335 and I have to admit that I had fun with today’s piece even though it’s a piece … More

Day 333- Bridget Bate Tichenor- Spiritual Guides

It’s Day 333 and I really enjoyed creating today’s piece.  I was stumped at first at what I wanted to … More

Day 262- Frank Bowling- Freedom in the Abstract

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Day 261- William Tillyer- Edenic Visions

It’s Day 261 and I really was in the mood for doing another watercolor piece.  I loved this artist’s style. … More

Day 243- Gillian Ayres- Bright and Succulent

It’s Day 243 and I had so much fun painting today’s colorful piece!  I also went on a nice dog … More

Day 128- Patrick Heron- The Colour of Colour

It’s Day 128 and I’m having a very emotional, busy, crazy day…in my head mostly.  I need to get feedback … More

Day 126- John McHale- The Future of the Future

It’s Day 126 and I was happy to do another collage style piece today!  I really like today’s artist.  If … More

Day 120- Bob Law- Occasionally Romantic

It’s Day 120 and yes, it took me a while to realize that my artist that I’m doing today is … More