Day 233- Daniel Spoerri- Eat Art

It’s Day 233 and I had a great time doing today’s piece.  I got a little overwhelmed because I had … More

Day 230- Gene Davis- “Enter the painting through the door of a single color”

It’s Day 230 and there were a few artists I was wanting to do a tribute to, but then I … More

Day 229- Jacques Pellegrin- Depicting the Time

It’s Day 229 and I had a great time painting today.  I found this artist a while back and was … More

Day 228- Ernest Briggs- Radical West Coast Style

It’s Day 228 and I have had weird gas or heartburn or something all day.  It’s very distracting…hopefully taking some … More

Day 227- Edward Dugmore- Being Free

It’s Day 227 and it’s a busy day…need to do some feedback for my writing group and then I’m heading … More

Day 225- Mimmo Paladino- Beyond Avant-Garde

It’s Day 225 and I’ve been wanting to paint a colorful piece today.  I’m also kind of pooped because of … More