Day 120- Bob Law- Occasionally Romantic

It’s Day 120 and yes, it took me a while to realize that my artist that I’m doing today is … More

Day 119- Friedel Dzubas- Fields of Color

It’s Day 119 and I have a ton of house stuff happening right now.  They are still trying to install … More

Day 118- Auguste Herbin- Le Fin

It’s Day 118 and I just spent hours trying to assist the vent hood installation guy (who was very wonderful)…then … More

Day 117- Howard Finster- “Paint Sacred Art”

It’s Day 117 and I’m having another lazy, not feel good day.  Dizzy from allergies and sore chest and back. … More

Day 116- Leonor Fini- Cats and Friends

It’s Day 116 and I’m having such a lazy, not feeling well day.  Not sure if it’s allergies or just … More

Day 115- Fernand Léger- Objects as Main Characters

It’s Day 115 and I am very excited to be painting today.  My daily painting that is and not really … More

Day 113- Carl Holty- Color, Shapes and Forms

It’s Day 113 and I was going to paint the ceiling of my art studio/laundry room, but I’m sore from … More

Day 112- Jo Baer- Radical Figuration

It’s Day 112 and I’m exhausted from painting a stairwell in my house.  I’ve got some other errands and want … More

Day 111- Frank Stella- What You See is What You See

It’s Day 111 and I’m busy with chores, errands and prepping (and possibly) painting my stairwell that heads downstairs.  It’s … More