Day 110- Tomoyuki Shinki- Combat Art

It’s Day 110 and it’s another beautiful spring day…that I’m spending mainly indoors because my allergies is making my body … More

Day 109- David Lynch- Attracted to Absurdity

It’s Day 109 and I was super excited to paint a tribute to David Lynch…one of my all time favorite … More

Day 108- Barbara Kruger- Who We Are and Aren’t

It’s Day 108 and it’s the first day without having people outside painting my house.  I was able to sleep … More

Day 107- Ronnie Landfield- Romantic Abstractions

It’s Day 107 and it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood. 🙂  Especially this afternoon because I can actually close … More

Day 105- Georges Rouault- Resurrection

Day 105 and I thought I’d do an expressionist today!  My exterior house painting is almost done so that means … More

Day 103- Pablo Picasso- Inspiration Exists

It’s Day 103 and I have Pablo Picasso today…another huge artist in history that I’ve been excited and dreading to … More

Day 102- Nancy Spero- Achieving Veracity

It’s Day 102.  I’m going to start using numbers in my titles now…small detail, but realized how long the titles … More

Day One-Hundred and One- Wayne Thiebaud- Staring at Objects

It’s Day 101!  Only 264 paintings to go.  Whew.  I am finding that I’m more inspired with experimenting with bigger … More