Day 260- A.R. Penck (Ralf Winkler)- Totemic Forms

It’s Day 260 and I seem to have some sort of mild eye infection or an allergic reaction happening in … More

Day 224- Thornton Dial- The Hard Truth

It’s Day 224 and today’s piece is an example of an artwork that I would’ve never done if I wasn’t … More

Day 198- Honoring The MFPA (Day 1 of 2)

It’s Day 198 and I’ve decided to spend today and tomorrow honoring the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the … More

Day 165- Gerard Sendrey- Visages

It’s Day 165 and I decided to do an outsider artist today.  I found today’s artist and loved his work. … More

Day 130- Jean Dubuffet- Values of Savagery

It’s Day 130 and I’m so happy I’m getting screens installed soon.  It’s supposed to get really hot this week … More

Day 129- Aurie Ramirez- KISS the Dandies

It’s Day 129 and I am excited to do today’s painting and you’ll see why very shortly!  I’m also very … More

Day 122- Gaston Chaissac- Modern Rustic

It’s Day 122 and now that I’m finished with my painting, I’m inspired to get into writing my new book … More

Day 120- Bob Law- Occasionally Romantic

It’s Day 120 and yes, it took me a while to realize that my artist that I’m doing today is … More

Day 117- Howard Finster- “Paint Sacred Art”

It’s Day 117 and I’m having another lazy, not feel good day.  Dizzy from allergies and sore chest and back. … More

Day 110- Tomoyuki Shinki- Combat Art

It’s Day 110 and it’s another beautiful spring day…that I’m spending mainly indoors because my allergies is making my body … More