Day 117- Howard Finster- “Paint Sacred Art”

It’s Day 117 and I’m having another lazy, not feel good day.  Dizzy from allergies and sore chest and back. … More

Day 110- Tomoyuki Shinki- Combat Art

It’s Day 110 and it’s another beautiful spring day…that I’m spending mainly indoors because my allergies is making my body … More

March Day of the Artist Wrap-Up!

I forgot to post this yesterday so I thought I’d do it today!  Here’s all the March artists and tributes. … More

Day Forty-Two- Karel Appel- “I don’t paint, I hit”

It’s Day 42 and it’s been pretty hectic!  I’m also feeling like I may be getting a cold or something…Ah! … More

Day Twenty-Four- Horace Pippin- Defying Classification

It’s Day Twenty-Four and that means…24 paintings!  Today’s painting was surprisingly difficult.  Although the artist is classified as a naive/primitive … More