Day 353- Pierre-Auguste Renoir- “The pain passes, but the beauty remains”

It’s Day 353 and I was a little nervous about today’s artist.  First of all, his style is the most … More

Day 293- Valentin Serov- Carried Away by the Human Face

It’s Day 293 and I fell in love with today’s artist.  I started it last night because I knew it … More

Day 288- Elaine de Kooning- Returning to Things

It’s Day 288 and I was excited to work on today’s painting.  Another artist I could’ve sworn I had already … More

Day 287- Henri Matisse- “Creativity Takes Courage”

It’s Day 287 and I cannot believe that I haven’t done today’s artist yet.  I could’ve sworn I had done … More

Day 282- Jim Nutt- Expectations of Faces

It’s Day 282 and my in-laws in are town so I got my painting done early and going to finish … More

Day 234- Bobby Mathieson- Strongly Visceral

It’s Day 234 and I’m kind of rushing around to get stuff done before heading to improv rehearsal…we have a … More