Day 324- André Derain- Intoxicated With Color

It’s Day 324 and there’s water falling from the sky!  I really hope it’s doing something to help the drought … More

Day 317- Mark Mothersbaugh- Variations on a Theme

It’s Day 317 and I am very excited about today’s artist and piece.  Devo has always been one of my … More

Day 312- John Baldessari- No More Boring Art

It’s Day 312 and I’m still on a high from my improv show last night.  It was so much fun! … More

Day 290- Kathe Kollwitz- Let Not Another Man Fall

It’s Day 290 and my friend Paul asked me if I had paid tribute to today’s artist and I hadn’t … More

Day 260- A.R. Penck (Ralf Winkler)- Totemic Forms

It’s Day 260 and I seem to have some sort of mild eye infection or an allergic reaction happening in … More

Day 240- Alexander Liberman- Screams

It’s Day 240 and I wanted to try my hand at doing something geometric.  I think these pieces are probably … More

Day 205- Huguette Arthur Bertrand- Dazzling

It’s Day 205 and I really love today’s artists artwork.  I’m so exhausted from singing for three hours last night … More

Day 201- Otto Zitko- Read Between the Lines

It’s Day 201 and today’s painting was fun!  I also vacuumed the entire house because Taco is shedding like a … More

Day 200- Jane Frank- “Inscapes”

It’s Day 200!  Only 165 days to go!  I can’t believe I’ve done this without a hitch for this long. … More