Day 339- Marc Chagall- Color is All

It’s Day 339 and I’m very happy about today’s artist.  Intimidated but happy.  Please join me in honoring the wonderful … More

Day 318- Amy Sillman- Layer By Layer

It’s Day 318 and I’m having another difficult art day.  Just not feeling very intuitive or creative today and a … More

Day 302- Wifredo Lam- Hallucinating Figures

It’s Day 302 and I had a great time creating today’s piece.  It was a nice difference compared to yesterday’s … More

Day 269- Josef Mikl- New Discoveries

It’s Day 269 and my busy week is wrapping up…I had a very nice time painting today’s piece.  I feel … More

Day 180- Robert De Niro Sr.- Reality and Abstraction

It’s Day 180 and I had fun painting today’s piece.  It was neat honoring Robert De Niro’s father who I … More

Day 167- Serge Poliakoff- The Dream of Shapes

It’s Day 167 and I did my painting early this morning because I met my friend for shopping and a … More

Day Ninety-Five- Mark Rothko- Anecdote of the Spirit

It’s Day 95 and I finally decided to do a Mark Rothko today.  Had a great improv show in the … More