Day 355- Marta Minujin- Everything is Art

It’s Day 355 and I had a blast doing today’s extra bold and colorful piece.  She did so many different … More

Day 278- Michael Staniak- Processes

It’s Day 278 and I spent most of the day on working on music, but I was able to finish … More

Day 260- A.R. Penck (Ralf Winkler)- Totemic Forms

It’s Day 260 and I seem to have some sort of mild eye infection or an allergic reaction happening in … More

Day 224- Thornton Dial- The Hard Truth

It’s Day 224 and today’s piece is an example of an artwork that I would’ve never done if I wasn’t … More

Day 221- François Dufrene- Lettrist

It’s Day 221 and it was nice to have another decollage day!  This was another artist that I found difficult … More

Day 216- Arman- “Poubelle”

It’s Day 216 and I woke up early this morning only having slept for a total of two hours.  I … More

Day 211- Jean (Hans) Arp- All Art is but Dream and Nature

It’s Day 211 and today’s piece seemed simple when I was beginning to plan it and then as I started … More

Day 209- Jimi Gleason- Reflective Possibilities

It’s Day 209 and I got really excited about today’s artist.  I did a textured piece yesterday and wanted to … More

Day 208- Samantha Thomas- Optic Textures

It’s Day 208 and my hubby and I spent ALL day yesterday beautifying my art space.  We painted the walls … More

Day 206- Keith Johnston- The Process of Spontaneity

It’s Day 206 and I found today’s artist on as well.  I’m really enjoying that site.  Tonight is my … More