Day 230- Gene Davis- “Enter the painting through the door of a single color”

It’s Day 230 and there were a few artists I was wanting to do a tribute to, but then I … More

Day 212- Richard Serra- Reoccurring Dreams

It’s Day 212 and today’s artist was mainly a sculptor I believe…but I saw that he also did paintings and … More

Day 206- Keith Johnston- The Process of Spontaneity

It’s Day 206 and I found today’s artist on as well.  I’m really enjoying that site.  Tonight is my … More

Day 204- Amy Pleasant- Exploring Images

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Day 190- Alice Trumbull Mason- The Magic in Art

It’s Day 190 and I’ve been busy doing various chores, painting etc. before my friend Mark arrives tonight.  I also … More

Day 183- Olivier Mosset- Radical Root of Painting

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Day 182- James Little- Alchemy in Painting

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Day 177- Herbert Bayer- The Total Artist

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Day 161- Kazimir Malevich- Change in Perceptions

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