Day 343- Maurice Sendak- Beautiful Things in the World

It’s Day 343 and I have to say that I’m super duper excited about today’s artist.  He’s one of my … More

Day 339- Marc Chagall- Color is All

It’s Day 339 and I’m very happy about today’s artist.  Intimidated but happy.  Please join me in honoring the wonderful … More

Day 292- Philip Guston- We Work Until We Vanish

It’s Day 292 and I had a great time with today’s piece.  Join me in honoring Philip Guston today! Philip … More

Day 285- Milton Resnick- Resolution of Opposites

It’s Day 285 and the heat wave is back.  Today’s piece was a contrast to yesterday’s painting.  Please join me … More

Day 184- Jean-Michel Atlan- Strong Black Lines

It’s Day 184 and I’m busy busy busy!  Join me in honoring Jean-Michel Atlan today! Jean-Michel Atlan (January 23, 1913 – … More

Day 151- Eva Hesse- Life and Art Together

It’s Day 151 and today’s artist was mainly known for her sculptures, but I really enjoy her paintings as well! … More