Day 174- Ernst Wilhelm Nay- Rhythmic Images

It’s Day 174 and I’m exhausted from cleaning the entire house and reorganizing my garden to another part of my … More

Day 173- Willi Baumeister- Foundations of Art

It’s Day 173 and it’s a beautiful summer day out!  We did have a little ant party going on in … More

Day 151- Eva Hesse- Life and Art Together

It’s Day 151 and today’s artist was mainly known for her sculptures, but I really enjoy her paintings as well! … More

Day 119- Friedel Dzubas- Fields of Color

It’s Day 119 and I have a ton of house stuff happening right now.  They are still trying to install … More

Day 113- Carl Holty- Color, Shapes and Forms

It’s Day 113 and I was going to paint the ceiling of my art studio/laundry room, but I’m sore from … More

Day Eighty-Two- Karl Schmidt-Rottluff- Lost in Translation

It’s Day 82 and I did my painting early today.  Didn’t really plan on finishing it this early, but I … More

Day Twenty-Eight- Hannah Höch- Blurring Boundaries

It’s Day 28 and I’ve got to be honest with you.  I’ve started packing up my house and so fitting … More