Day 353- Pierre-Auguste Renoir- “The pain passes, but the beauty remains”

It’s Day 353 and I was a little nervous about today’s artist.  First of all, his style is the most … More

Day 274- Sophie Orlicki- Les Visages et les Danseurs de Rêve

It’s Day 274 and it’s been another hectic week!  I had such a wonderful time doing today’s tribute.  Today’s artist … More

Day 264- Martin Barré- Designating Space

It’s Day 264 and I’m about to rush out and do some improv in a meadow today!  I had to … More

Day 250- Pierre Silvin- Beings From Another World

It’s Day 250 and I’ve been very excited to do today’s artist.  He is a friend and colleague of Gerard … More

Day 229- Jacques Pellegrin- Depicting the Time

It’s Day 229 and I had a great time painting today.  I found this artist a while back and was … More

Day 154- Pierre Fichet- Sacred Fire

It’s Day 154 and for some reason I’ve been doing an abundant amount of French painters recently…probably because I’ve been … More

Day 153- Gustave Singier- Feeling in Paintings

It’s Day 153 and I’m just pooped today.  It’s a gray windy day and I’ve finished my painting and took … More

Day 118- Auguste Herbin- Le Fin

It’s Day 118 and I just spent hours trying to assist the vent hood installation guy (who was very wonderful)…then … More