Day 237- Paul Cézanne- “The Father of Us All”

It’s Day 237 and it’s funny because I thought I had already done a tribute to today’s artist!  I think … More

Day 229- Jacques Pellegrin- Depicting the Time

It’s Day 229 and I had a great time painting today.  I found this artist a while back and was … More

Day 221- François Dufrene- Lettrist

It’s Day 221 and it was nice to have another decollage day!  This was another artist that I found difficult … More

Day 205- Huguette Arthur Bertrand- Dazzling

It’s Day 205 and I really love today’s artists artwork.  I’m so exhausted from singing for three hours last night … More

Day 168- Jean Le Moal- Strokes of Color

It’s Day 168 and I had a busy busy day.  Got my license and traded in our car for a … More

Day 165- Gerard Sendrey- Visages

It’s Day 165 and I decided to do an outsider artist today.  I found today’s artist and loved his work. … More

Day 154- Pierre Fichet- Sacred Fire

It’s Day 154 and for some reason I’ve been doing an abundant amount of French painters recently…probably because I’ve been … More

Day 153- Gustave Singier- Feeling in Paintings

It’s Day 153 and I’m just pooped today.  It’s a gray windy day and I’ve finished my painting and took … More

Day 150- Georges Mathieu- Screaming Your Soul

It’s Day 150 and I have my last improv show tonight for a while.  They don’t have the performance class … More

Day 118- Auguste Herbin- Le Fin

It’s Day 118 and I just spent hours trying to assist the vent hood installation guy (who was very wonderful)…then … More