Day 302- Wifredo Lam- Hallucinating Figures

It’s Day 302 and I had a great time creating today’s piece.  It was a nice difference compared to yesterday’s … More

Day 161- Kazimir Malevich- Change in Perceptions

It’s Day 161 and I pulled my back today…or yesterday.  Sheesh, I’m so sick of my chest and back pain. … More

Day 118- Auguste Herbin- Le Fin

It’s Day 118 and I just spent hours trying to assist the vent hood installation guy (who was very wonderful)…then … More

Day 103- Pablo Picasso- Inspiration Exists

It’s Day 103 and I have Pablo Picasso today…another huge artist in history that I’ve been excited and dreading to … More

Day Eighty-Three- Lee Krasner- Ever Changing Images

Day 83!  Getting closer and closer to 100…don’t know what that means, but it’ll be quite an accomplishment.  It already … More