Day 360- Marcel Duchamp- You Cannot Define Art

It’s Day 360 and now I actually have 5 left to go.  I’ve been putting off today’s artist for a … More

Day 339- Marc Chagall- Color is All

It’s Day 339 and I’m very happy about today’s artist.  Intimidated but happy.  Please join me in honoring the wonderful … More

Day 332- Georges Braque- Temporal Spaces

It’s Day 332 and I’ve been a little ahead of myself with painting because of the holidays.  I worked on … More

Day 324- André Derain- Intoxicated With Color

It’s Day 324 and there’s water falling from the sky!  I really hope it’s doing something to help the drought … More

Day 237- Paul Cézanne- “The Father of Us All”

It’s Day 237 and it’s funny because I thought I had already done a tribute to today’s artist!  I think … More

Day 161- Kazimir Malevich- Change in Perceptions

It’s Day 161 and I pulled my back today…or yesterday.  Sheesh, I’m so sick of my chest and back pain. … More

Day 153- Gustave Singier- Feeling in Paintings

It’s Day 153 and I’m just pooped today.  It’s a gray windy day and I’ve finished my painting and took … More

Day 118- Auguste Herbin- Le Fin

It’s Day 118 and I just spent hours trying to assist the vent hood installation guy (who was very wonderful)…then … More

Day 115- Fernand Léger- Objects as Main Characters

It’s Day 115 and I am very excited to be painting today.  My daily painting that is and not really … More

Day 113- Carl Holty- Color, Shapes and Forms

It’s Day 113 and I was going to paint the ceiling of my art studio/laundry room, but I’m sore from … More