Day 273- Corneille- Heaven on Earth

It’s Day 273 and I’m rushing around a bit today before I head out to some appointments.  Had tons of … More

Day 252- Bram Bogart- “Building” Paintings

It’s Day 252 and I had a ton of fun with today’s piece.  I was really intrigued by today’s artist. … More

Day 195- Asger Jorn- Experimental Acts

It’s Day 195…been a busy week!  I need to learn a few ukulele songs, finish this blog, design a few … More

Day 193- Christian Dotremont- The Many Facets of Art

It’s Day 193 and I’m still busy busy.  Join me in celebrating Christian Dotremont today!  It was difficult to find … More

Day 188- Henri Michaux- Phantomisms

It’s Day 188 and I’m super pooped.  I have another house guest arriving in two days so I’ve been trying … More

Day 184- Jean-Michel Atlan- Strong Black Lines

It’s Day 184 and I’m busy busy busy!  Join me in honoring Jean-Michel Atlan today! Jean-Michel Atlan (January 23, 1913 – … More