Day 306- Vivian Springford- Beautiful Stains

It’s Day 306 and I really wanted to do a color field artist today so I stumbled upon today’s artist … More

Day 280- Lenz Klotz- Oscillating Lines

It’s Day 280 and I enjoyed today’s painting.  The challenging part was finding an extensive biography of the artist!  Join … More

Day 215- Yasuo Sumi- Complete Spiritual Freedom

It’s Day 215 and I had fun painting today’s tribute.  It’s another Gutai Group artist…which I have kind of gotten … More

Day 206- Keith Johnston- The Process of Spontaneity

It’s Day 206 and I found today’s artist on as well.  I’m really enjoying that site.  Tonight is my … More

Day 155- James Brooks- Painterly “Accidents”

It’s Day 155 and today was one of those challenging painting days.  I’ll explain more later.  Today I realized that … More

Day Thirty-Six- Cy Twombly- Childlike but not Childish

It’s Day 36 and it was another wonderful day for painting.  It’s been pretty hectic packing and I also have … More