Day 219- Atsuko Tanaka- Electric Art

It’s Day 219 and today’s painting was fun.  I loved the concept of this artist’s paintings. 🙂  I also spent … More

Day 217- Enzo Cucchi- Transavanguardia

It’s Day 217.  Day two of the construction of my side porch and gate.  I also decided to paint the … More

Day 215- Yasuo Sumi- Complete Spiritual Freedom

It’s Day 215 and I had fun painting today’s tribute.  It’s another Gutai Group artist…which I have kind of gotten … More

Day 213- Shozo Shimamoto- Beauty Through Damage

It’s Day 213 and I had a ton of fun doing today’s piece.  Join me in honoring Shozo Shimamoto today. … More

Day 195- Asger Jorn- Experimental Acts

It’s Day 195…been a busy week!  I need to learn a few ukulele songs, finish this blog, design a few … More

Day 179- El Lissitzky- Task Oriented Creation

It’s Day 179 and it was a hot day!  Feeling a little exhausted because I’m a lady (girl times coming … More

Day 152- Tarō Okamoto- Art is Explosion

It’s Day 152 and I feel like I’m getting sick or I’m being overrun by female hormones…how inconvenient those can … More

Day 147- Lee Ufan- Art of Emptiness

It’s Day 147 and it’s another beautiful day.  It was so nice to come down to my garage/art space and … More

Day 145- Jiro Yoshihara- “Satori”

It’s Day 145 and it’s a beautiful day out!  Did a bunch of gardening and spent a good amount of … More