Day 350- Salvador Dalí- Overdose of Satisfaction

It’s Day 350 and I spent forever today painting and making sure I did a wonderful tribute to today’s artist … More

Day 254- Linda Cleary- Forever Evolving

It’s Day 254 and it’s also my birthday!  I decided last minute that I would celebrate MYSELF today!  Is that … More

Day 130- Jean Dubuffet- Values of Savagery

It’s Day 130 and I’m so happy I’m getting screens installed soon.  It’s supposed to get really hot this week … More

Day Seventy-Six- Anne Ryan- Discrete Images

It’s Day 76 and progress on the roof is going well.  Still a couple more days (or this week) until … More

Day Twenty-Nine- Arshile Gorky- Everlastingness

It’s Day 29 and I had such a lovely time painting today!  Maybe it was because I’m painting another abstract … More

Day Twenty-Six- William Baziotes- Subjects Revealing Themselves

Wow, I made it to Day Twenty-Six!  After yesterday’s artist everything seems just a little easier.  I was excited about … More