Day 328- Gustav Klimt- No Self-Portraits

It’s Day 328 and another intimidating artist.  But for some reason, which I think it was concept, I think I … More

Day 275- Arnulf Rainer- Overpaintings

It’s Day 275 and it’s a hot day so I’m spending much time downstairs in my studio.  I have a … More

Day 269- Josef Mikl- New Discoveries

It’s Day 269 and my busy week is wrapping up…I had a very nice time painting today’s piece.  I feel … More

Day 201- Otto Zitko- Read Between the Lines

It’s Day 201 and today’s painting was fun!  I also vacuumed the entire house because Taco is shedding like a … More

Day 177- Herbert Bayer- The Total Artist

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