January Artist Wrap-Up!

Here are all 31 paintings I did through the month of January!  I’m also putting *notes on which paintings are … More

Day Thirty- Joy Garnett- Terrible Beauty

It’s Day THIRTY and I’m excited to present today’s artist.  When I was initially researching and finding more contemporary artists … More

Day Twenty-Nine- Arshile Gorky- Everlastingness

It’s Day 29 and I had such a lovely time painting today!  Maybe it was because I’m painting another abstract … More

Day Twenty-Eight- Hannah Höch- Blurring Boundaries

It’s Day 28 and I’ve got to be honest with you.  I’ve started packing up my house and so fitting … More

Day Twenty-Six- William Baziotes- Subjects Revealing Themselves

Wow, I made it to Day Twenty-Six!  After yesterday’s artist everything seems just a little easier.  I was excited about … More

Day Twenty-Five- H.R. Giger- Night Terrors

Today I celebrate an artist that has been my favorite since I was little.  Alien is one of the first … More

Day Twenty-Four- Horace Pippin- Defying Classification

It’s Day Twenty-Four and that means…24 paintings!  Today’s painting was surprisingly difficult.  Although the artist is classified as a naive/primitive … More