Day 242- Anne Appleby- Inner Dialogue

It’s Day 242 and I’ve been working on a couple of large canvas pieces…excited about that.  I wanted to work … More

Day 235- Giorgio Cavallon- Absorbing Space

It’s Day 235 and tonight I had an improv show so my brain has been there all day.  But I … More

Day 230- Gene Davis- “Enter the painting through the door of a single color”

It’s Day 230 and there were a few artists I was wanting to do a tribute to, but then I … More

Day 207- Leon Berkowitz- Depth of Vision

It’s Day 207 and the dogs woke me up early…so I decided to get my painting done so that I … More

Day 203- Meredith Pardue- Organic Forms

It’s Day 203 and I was excited to do a piece in tribute to today’s artist.  Please join me in … More

Day 202- Wallace Whitney- Witness to Gesture

It’s Day 202 and I just had a lovely lunch with my good friend Julianne, who’s an art teacher!  Then … More

Day 196- Syd Solomon- Larger than Life

It’s Day 196 and tomorrow Mark leaves and I am sad to have no house guests to run around town … More

Day 195- Asger Jorn- Experimental Acts

It’s Day 195…been a busy week!  I need to learn a few ukulele songs, finish this blog, design a few … More