Day 212- Richard Serra- Reoccurring Dreams

It’s Day 212 and today’s artist was mainly a sculptor I believe…but I saw that he also did paintings and … More

Day 211- Jean (Hans) Arp- All Art is but Dream and Nature

It’s Day 211 and today’s piece seemed simple when I was beginning to plan it and then as I started … More

Day 209- Jimi Gleason- Reflective Possibilities

It’s Day 209 and I got really excited about today’s artist.  I did a textured piece yesterday and wanted to … More

Day 208- Samantha Thomas- Optic Textures

It’s Day 208 and my hubby and I spent ALL day yesterday beautifying my art space.  We painted the walls … More

Day 207- Leon Berkowitz- Depth of Vision

It’s Day 207 and the dogs woke me up early…so I decided to get my painting done so that I … More

Day 206- Keith Johnston- The Process of Spontaneity

It’s Day 206 and I found today’s artist on as well.  I’m really enjoying that site.  Tonight is my … More

Day 205- Huguette Arthur Bertrand- Dazzling

It’s Day 205 and I really love today’s artists artwork.  I’m so exhausted from singing for three hours last night … More

Day 204- Amy Pleasant- Exploring Images

It’s Day 204 and I really really enjoyed painting today’s piece.  I found today’s and yesterday’s artist on a website … More

Day 203- Meredith Pardue- Organic Forms

It’s Day 203 and I was excited to do a piece in tribute to today’s artist.  Please join me in … More