Day 161- Kazimir Malevich- Change in Perceptions

It’s Day 161 and I pulled my back today…or yesterday.  Sheesh, I’m so sick of my chest and back pain. … More

Day 160- Giorgio Morandi- Natura Morta

It’s Day 160 and I think this may be the first “still life” painting I’ve done so far.  I think … More

Day 159- Roger Bissière- Colored Windows

It’s Day 159 and it’s hot.  Did a bunch of gardening and took a nice early dog walk before it … More

Day 158- Lucio Fontana- Spatial Light

It’s Day 158 and I had fun with today’s piece.  After burning things yesterday, I thought it’d be fun to … More

Day 156- Kazuo Shiraga- “Happenings”

It’s Day 156 and I have to say when I found this artist, I couldn’t wait to get started.  I … More

Day 155- James Brooks- Painterly “Accidents”

It’s Day 155 and today was one of those challenging painting days.  I’ll explain more later.  Today I realized that … More

Day 154- Pierre Fichet- Sacred Fire

It’s Day 154 and for some reason I’ve been doing an abundant amount of French painters recently…probably because I’ve been … More

Day 153- Gustave Singier- Feeling in Paintings

It’s Day 153 and I’m just pooped today.  It’s a gray windy day and I’ve finished my painting and took … More

Day 152- Tarō Okamoto- Art is Explosion

It’s Day 152 and I feel like I’m getting sick or I’m being overrun by female hormones…how inconvenient those can … More