Day 171- Daniel Johnston- The Beast of Times

It’s Day 171 and I had a lot of fun doing today’s artist.  I couldn’t wait to pay tribute to … More

Day 169- Rhea Carmi- Part of the Earth

It’s Day 169 and it feels like summer.  I am excited about my new wheels (traded our car in yesterday) … More

Day 168- Jean Le Moal- Strokes of Color

It’s Day 168 and I had a busy busy day.  Got my license and traded in our car for a … More

Day 167- Serge Poliakoff- The Dream of Shapes

It’s Day 167 and I did my painting early this morning because I met my friend for shopping and a … More

Day 166- Paul Jenkins- Conversations with Paintings

It’s Day 166 and I thought I’d work with more colors today…like a rainbow of colors!  Join me in honoring … More

Day 165- Gerard Sendrey- Visages

It’s Day 165 and I decided to do an outsider artist today.  I found today’s artist and loved his work. … More

Day 164- John Seery- Complete Painting

It’s Day 164 and I enjoyed going back to some lyrical abstraction today.  I’ve been a little down in the … More

Day 162- Takesada Matsutani- The Spirit of Materials

It’s Day 162 and I had so much fun doing today’s painting!  I posted a “progress” photo on Facebook and … More