Day 181- Thornton Willis- Self-Analysis

It’s Day 181 and it’s another hot summer day!  About to head out to eat lunch with a friend and … More

Day 180- Robert De Niro Sr.- Reality and Abstraction

It’s Day 180 and I had fun painting today’s piece.  It was neat honoring Robert De Niro’s father who I … More

Day 179- El Lissitzky- Task Oriented Creation

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Day 178- Gerhard Richter- “Art is the highest form of hope”

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Day 177- Herbert Bayer- The Total Artist

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Day 176- Larry Zox- Colorist

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Day 174- Ernst Wilhelm Nay- Rhythmic Images

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Day 173- Willi Baumeister- Foundations of Art

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Day 172- Gérard Ernest Schneider- An Orchestra

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