Day 151- Eva Hesse- Life and Art Together

It’s Day 151 and today’s artist was mainly known for her sculptures, but I really enjoy her paintings as well! … More

Day 150- Georges Mathieu- Screaming Your Soul

It’s Day 150 and I have my last improv show tonight for a while.  They don’t have the performance class … More

Day 149- Edward Gorey- Sunny Nonsense

It’s Day 149 and I have to admit that I’ve been putting off this artist for a while…moved him back … More

Day 147- Lee Ufan- Art of Emptiness

It’s Day 147 and it’s another beautiful day.  It was so nice to come down to my garage/art space and … More

Day 145- Jiro Yoshihara- “Satori”

It’s Day 145 and it’s a beautiful day out!  Did a bunch of gardening and spent a good amount of … More

Day 144- Pat Lipsky- Mouth-Watering Colors

It’s Day 144 and I’m excited because I drove the car around tonight when Matt came home.  We went out … More

Day 143- Irving Kriesberg- Animal and Human Forms

It’s Day 143 and I’m feeling a little under the weather.  Very sore and fatigued.  My sinuses feel dry and … More

Day 142- Bram Van Velde- Art Giving Back

It’s Day 142!  I’m having one of those days where I almost hate painting.  I know that it’s going to … More