Day Fifty-One- Peter Lanyon- Powerful Environments

It’s Day 51 and that means 51 paintings!  The movers are coming the day after tomorrow and today I packed … More

Day Forty-Nine- Robert Rauschenberg- “An Empty Canvas is Full”

It’s Day 49! We’re getting down to the wire on the move so life is so crazy right now.  I … More

Day Forty-Seven- Michael Goldberg- Abstraction

Day 47 and yes, it’s another abstract expressionists…I’m afraid I can only handle abstract and minimalist concepts right now as … More

Day Forty-Six- Josef Albers- Seeing with Closed Eyes

Day 46 and I’m feeling under the weather…still packing, etc. etc.  Still didn’t keep me from painting.  Join me in … More

Day Forty-Two- Karel Appel- “I don’t paint, I hit”

It’s Day 42 and it’s been pretty hectic!  I’m also feeling like I may be getting a cold or something…Ah! … More